This dialog allows users to create or edit their own userids. Users may access this screen from two links: 1) by clicking on the 'I am a new user' link from the login dialog, and 2) by clicking on their own userid displayed at the lower left of the calendar display.

Pending requests

If a user requests a permission that is not automatically granted that request will become a pending user request. The requesting user will be permitted to continue using the userid as it existed prior to the request awaiting approval by an administrator. If the software is properly setup for email an email will be sent to the administrator when the request goes pending. When the request is processed the user may also be notified via email.

Changing a user's userid

One may not change a user's userid directly. So as to properly handle events that are owned by the user one must follow the procedure described on the user edit dialog help file to change a userid.

Required fields

You may make some or all of these required so that end users must enter certain things such as name, email or phone. Do this under the user settings dialog.

Subscribable groups

If the user belongs to any user groups those groups will be listed at the bottom of this dialog. If any subscribable groups exist the manage subscriptions icon () will appear as well. The user may click on this icon to access the manage subscriptions dialog.

Customizing this form

This form may be customized in various ways. The first customization involves whether to show the form or not. By default the feature allowing users to add/edit themselves is enabled. In some cases you may wish to turn this feature off. You may do this as follows:

There are many other things you may do to customize this form. For example you may make any or all of these fields required. You may change the default permission level granted new user or adjust which permissions are automatically granted or denied. You may force users to reset their passwords on their next login. You may hide the permission settings entirely. Each of these customizations is more fully described in the help file for the user settings dialog.

There are other customizations available which are not documented such as hiding or renaming certain fields on this form. Please contact technical support for more information on this feature.