Scheduler: FACSAria II (BSL-2) (405/488/561/640) MCRB 695

Contact UFCR or 4-7680.

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  Week of Sunday, August 18, 2019  
Date/Time Event Info Plates Aseptic Fund(4) EMPL ID(7) Program(5) or Project(8) Dept ID(5)
Aug 13, 10a until Aug 18, 5a Out of Service No Yes
Aug 19, 10a until Aug 21, 5p Out of Service No Yes
Aug 22, 9:30a-2p Hackel-Alex (70um; GFP, AF488, AF647) No
Aug 22, 2p-5p Costalonga-Peter(130um,PE,BV421,PERCPCY55,APCEF780,zombie aqua) No No
Aug 23, 12p-4:30p Cancelled-Hering_Amar 85um (PECy5 APC PECy7 and L/D BV421) No No