Scheduler: FACSAria II (BSL-2) (405/488/561/640) MCRB 695

Contact UFCR or 4-7680.

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  Week of Sunday, September 15, 2019  
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 Mon 16  Wagner-Cindy (70um; V450, PE, PE-Cy7, APC)
 Tue 17  Hippen-Sangya(85um,aseptic,PE,PERCPCY55,BV421,BV605,APC)
 Wed 18  Hippen-Yigang (85um; Aseptic; BV421, BV605, PerCP-Cy5.5, PE, APC)
 Thu 19  Henke-Li(100um, aseptic, AF647, FITC) Stefanski-Yan(100um,FITC,PE,PECY7,APC,PB) Wagner-Cindy(70um,PE,PECY7,V450,APC)
 Fri 20  No Sorting-Check CCRB for Availability Hackel-Paul (70um; AF488, AF647) No Sorting-Check CCRB for Availability