Scheduler: FACSAria II (BSL-2) (405/488/561/640) MCRB 695

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Aug 22, 9:30a-2p Hackel-Alex (70um; GFP, AF488, AF647) No
Sep 16, 2:30p-5p Wagner-Cindy (70um; V450, PE, PE-Cy7, APC) No
Jun 27, 12p-3p Albert-Mahlon(70um,GFP,RFP) No No
Feb 5, 9:30a-1p Mulia-Juan(85um,PI) No No
Jun 19, 12:30p-5p Mulia-Claudia(85um,PI) No No
Jan 15, 2p-3:30p Hackel-Vidur(70um,AF488,AF647) No No
Jan 22, 1:30p-4p Hackel-Justin(70um,FITC,AF647) No No
Jan 22, 4p-5p Hackel-Titu(70um,AF647,FITC) No No
Jan 24, 2:30p-5p Hackel-Titu(70um,AF647,AF488) No No
Jan 31, 3p-4:30p Hackel-Andrew (70um,AF647,FITC) No No
Feb 6, 12p-2p Hackel-Titu(70um,AF647,FITC) No No
Feb 7, 11:30a-2p Hackel-Titu(70um,AF488,AF647) No No
Feb 14, 1:30p-5p Hackel-Alex(70um,GFP) No No
Feb 21, 2p-4p Hackel-Jon(130um,PI,sytox green) No No
Apr 2, 10a-12p Hackel-Abbigael(70um,AF647, AF488) No No
Apr 29, 11:30a-3p Hu-Zion(100um,aseptic,GFP,mCherry) No No
Jun 27, 3p-5:30p Hackel-Jon(130um,sytox green) No No
Jul 12, 10:30a-12p Hackel-Abbigael(70um,AF647, AF488) No No
Aug 28, 2p-4p Hackel-Alex(70um,AF647,AF488) No No
Sep 5, 3:30p-5p Hackel-Vidur(70um,AF488,AF647) No No
Sep 20, 2p-4p Hackel-Paul (70um; AF488, AF647) No No
Oct 24, 3:30p-5:30p Hackel-Paul(70um,AF488, AF647) No No
Oct 31, 3p-5p Hackel-Abbigael(70um,AF647 and FITC, AF647,AF488 and PE) No No
Dec 2, 2p-3p Cancelled-Hackel-Abbigael(70um,PE,DL650, AF488) No No
Dec 20, 12p-1:30p Hackel_Vidur No No
Sep 12, 9:30a-11:30a Sachs-Anthony(100um,GFP,RFP) No No
Aug 26, 12:30p-5p Subramanian-Xianda (85um; PB, LD Aqua, FITC, PerCP-Cy5.5, PE, APC, APC-Cy7) No No
Nov 14, 1p-5:30p Subramanian-Xianda(85um,FITC,PB,BV421,APC,APC-Cy7,Pe-Cy7,PerCPcy5.5,PE) No No
Aug 22, 2p-5p Costalonga-Peter(130um,PE,BV421,PERCPCY55,APCEF780,zombie aqua) No No
Feb 19, 9:30a-12p Mulia-Claudia(85um,PI) No No
Apr 9, 3p-5p Mulia_Juan 70um (Dye Cycle Violet, B220 FITC, CD19APC, IgM PerCPCy55) No No
Jun 20, 11a-3p Mulia-Claudia(85um,PI) No No
Jun 24, 3p-4:30p Mulia-Claudia(85um,PI) No No
Jul 11, 11a-3:30p Mulia-Claudia(85um,PI) No No
Jul 17, 12p-4:30p Mulia-Claudia(85um,PI) No No
Sep 13, 9:30a-12p Mulia-Claudia(85um,PI) No No
Oct 25, 2:30p-5p Mulia-Claudia(100um,PI) No No
Nov 4, 12:30p-4:30p Mulia-Santiago(85um, PI) No No
Nov 7, 12:30p-4:30p Mulia-Santiago(85um, PI) No No
Nov 25, 10:30a-2p Mulia-Claudia(130um,PI) No No
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