The search feature is very powerful. This dialog allows you to specify extensive search criteria which persists in your browser until cleared. In effect, the search acts as a filter, limiting all subsequent views of the calendar to include only those events that match the query. This behavior is further described in the search results article. The remainder of this article discusses the dialog.

Specifying the search

Describe the search query you wish to apply in this first section of the dialog. Enter the text you would like to find in the text box then select the field in which to look for that text. Events containing the text value in the selected field will be presented in the results. Combine up to three criteria using the and/or selectors to further refine the search.

You will notice that each row begins with a checkbox. If this checkbox is checked the line is negated. For example, if the negate checkbox is checked searching for the word 'meeting' in the subject field would find all events that do not contain 'meeting' in their subject.

By entering the text <empty> (include the brackets) in the search field you may find event that contain empty fields. By checking 'not' and entering <empty> you may find all events that are not empty in the given field.

Sorting the results

You may specify the order by which to sort the results in the next section of the dialog. Note that this only effects the report and list views for which sorting makes sense. You may specify up to three sort fields from major to minor in left to right order.

Search options

The following options allow you to further refine your search:

See the search results help file for more information.